Research by 1st Grade GT Students

1st grade GT students each picked a topic they wanted to explore more. First, they made a graphic organizer with questions they wanted to answer about their topic using the Popplet app. Next they used a Symbaloo webmix with resources that were curated for them to answer their questions. Finally, they used the Book Creator app to write about their topic and the things they learned about it.

You can view their Symbaloo webmixes, including each student’s Popplet graphic organizer, here:

Enjoy their work!

Wind Energy

1st grade GT students learned about wind energy.  We watched this video:

Next, students made their own pinwheels and experimented with their own “wind energy.” They experimented with how to make their pinwheels go fast & slow and whether or not pinwheels can spin in both directions.

Photo Jan 06, 12 17 24 PM