Exploring Questions About Christmas

Next they used the Explain Everything app to record their answers. Enjoy their work below:

David & Morgan: Hunter:
 James:  Jessie:
 Kara & Mykey:  Marshall:
 Olivia:  Stephanie

Finally, after everyone had a chance to complete their explanations we viewed this YouTube video of some scientists from Auckland University of Technology to see what their scientific explanations for these same questions would be.

Learning About Circuits with Circuit Stickers

2nd grade GT students learned about circuits through the use of circuit stickers.  First, we explored this Symbaloo webmix to learn what makes a circuit work.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.03.39 PM

Next, we watched this tutorial video to see how to make our circuit stickers work. (The video is also part of the Symbaloo webmix.)

Finally we were ready to try to make our circuits. We used the template provided by the maker of the circuit stickers, Chibitronics. (You can find that template here or also linked on the above Symbaloo webmix.)

Once everyone had a working circuit (some of us practiced perseverance and problem solving to make our circuits work), the students turned their circuit into a light up art piece.  Enjoy their work!

Green Screen + Research = Learning Fun

2nd grade GT students chose areas of interest to research. They used Facts4Me.com along with some guided Googling to learn about their chosen area.  After writing out their scripts, students recorded each other against a green screen reading what they learned.  Finally, they used the Green Screen by Do Ink app to combine their videos with an image to create their finished product.  Enjoy their work!

President’s Day by Ananiah & Grace: 

The Bactrian Camel by Jacob & Scott:

World War II by Collin, Jack & Layton: